16th August 2022
The board of directors are pleased to announce the opening of a new subsidiary to cover all facets of technology development in the inter-portal and inter-platform trading system generated by our SBS Portal Ltd subsidiary. SBS Group has a controlling stake of 76% with the 24% residual stake being held by Lee Clarke, one of the founding partners of both BINK and YIMBA product brands in banking and credit card applications. Mr Clarke is executive director responsible for the linkage of all the required technology developments and amalgamations for SBS Group and as a successful entrepreneur himself has an open forum with the main group to bring meritorious technology development transactions to us for investment and funding. Richard Murray chairman says:
We are absolutely delighted with this link and development given the extensive worldwide experience of our executive director and his achievements to date in the high-tech sector for banking, tech applications and innovative developments. We look forward to a long a fruitful development of both our requirements as a group and the evolving opportunities that today’s market requires.