LCP Financial Ltd is in the business of creating secured financial instruments based on asset covering principles and predominantly property based in the U.K market .It designs suitable investment return products for various Investor requirements in the fixed income arena.


Business Expansion Update on LCP Financial LTD.
26th June 2022

The board of directors of the company is pleased to confirm the completion of this purchase to fit within its overall SBS Portal Ltd financial subsidiary. The full terms of the purchase have already been disclosed in the public domain forum in accordance with compliance requirements.

The design of the company befits several links within the group, one of which is between the property funding requirements of the development and historical bridge market, covered within the SBS Commercial Finance Ltd business mandate. The ability to issue bonds in a secured arrangement via the listing of its 4% 31/1/2027 denoted instrument, compliments the entire business strategy of the sister subsidiary, but is not to be confined solely for that purpose.

On bond issuance capacity, we have the capability to enable any secured qualified asset group to be covered by this medium-term funding instrument, compatible within the original Information Memorandum remit. This is in compliance and accordance with the Vienna Stock Exchange listing requirements.

We are further redesigning the company by initiating two new facets being:

  1. An agreed percentage exchange of bond debt for equity capital on terms between the holders and the company.
  2. A capital injection shared between the parent company and a select group of investors (High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth) to enable a transformation of its balance sheet.

Because of the above, we are utilising the electronic capability and transactability of the shares in their present form, to list the newly revitalised brand. This is to encourage and allow the additional expansion of producing individual equity listings for several private companies.

With a significant book of suitable candidates in the pipeline, we expect a highly productive next six months given the premier position of the company’s instruments and its capabilities, together with the sister subsidiary and other group members to define a considerable number of unique product lines.

Conclusion, Execution & Completion with LCP Financial LTD.
15th June 2022

The Directors are pleased to announce the conclusion, execution, and completion of the purchase of LCP financial LTD. and all of its bonds and securities products and its portalisation capacity by inheritance from today.

4th May 2022

The directors are pleased to announce that a final share purchase agreement has been reached between ourselves and the target company.

The only remaining issue is the vote before Lombard Capital PLC’s shareholders on the 25th May, which once completed favorably will result in complete control of all the bond issuance and portal usage capability being encapsulated into our overall group program.

In the interim, we are book building a number of varying assets in size and composition to fit within the LCP Financial Ltd 4% 5 year bond for full marketability to Institutions and Accredited investors both affiliated to and held within our group.

This enables SBS Portal Ltd to grow its product line exponentially in the multi-lateral fixed income and correspondingly the equity market for the common use of each participating sub issuer.

It is envisaged there will be up to six projects covered within each batch or section of the growth curve of our developing system, which will cover a number of operational subsidiaries varying from property, sports, entertainment and financial divisions both individually and collectively.

22nd April 2022

The Directors of SBS Group Limited are pleased to announce their agreement to purchase the issued share capital of LCP Financial Limited and its LCP Financial 4% Bond expiring 31st January 2027, listed on the Wiener Boerse Market (GB00BJ11J635)

The consideration is being satisfied by the issue of 1,367,858 new ordinary shares of SBS Group Limited at £2.80 per share, giving a net consideration of £3,830,000

The rational for buying LCP allows the Company to encapsulate the bonds within our subsidiary, SBS Commercial Finance Limited, which is designed to refine property bridging and to reduce costs for our client base of developers. This will allow us to further develop our SBS Portal product line.

29th January 2022

We are pleased to update the proposed transaction to be inclusive of Lombard Capital PLC and all of its subsidiaries and consequently, we have enhanced our offer to 2,100,000 shares in total, subject to the approval of the company and its shareholders at a required shareholders meeting.

17th January 2022

We are pleased to announce an offer has been submitted for the entire share capital, bond capability and marketability, of all products emanating from the company in the amount of 1,660,000 shares of SBS stock in an all share offer.

This acquisition, we can further confirm, has been approved by a majority holding in the necessary voting requirements from Lombard Capital Plc and we now look forward to a closing within 21 days.

This enhances our already open capacity to issue and transact through our portal arrangements electronically, any security, bond, product devised or derived from any private companies’ equity and we are particularly happy to see the market becoming open in its outlook citing the Saturday 15th January 2022 Reuters announcement about the London Stock Exchange moving into this area.

We remain entirely confident that our lead on the market and our strong client base and its diversity, will produce outstanding results for our company and its shareholders.