proprietary trading and capital appreciation through diversified investments. BPMT Group is a major corporation specializing in the acquisition and trading of higher value Gemstone portfolios, which all rest in regulated depositories in the United States. BPMT Ltd (Company Number 13728624) has been uniquely created to operate as a trading vehicle with a total capital of 210 million shares. The board is headed by Graeme Muir, a highly respected and experienced international finance lawyer to represent the parental shareholders.  
16th August 2022
BPMT Further Update The board of directors is delighted to confirm successful Crest delivery effected into the custodial chain of 106,700,000 shares of the company. The full marketing strategy and full accessibility to our worldwide portal system will be commented on in a further statement.
12th August 2022
Business Update The board of directors are pleased to confirm successful Crest enablement of BPMT Ltd and consequently custodial deposit of its 106,700,000 shareholdings. Investor interest is very high in this evolving hard asset class in the current hostile market environment so SBS Group will pursue and active market strategy accordingly.
16th July 2022
The Board of Directors are delighted to announce robust and multiple sales of BPMT Ltd holding common shares at 0.70p net in a registered pre Electronic Format Transfer (EFT). Once completion of the Crest eligibility is in place, the next batch of shares will be offered at 100p in an agreed electronic format. The Net Asset Value (NAV) which has been evaluated by Ernst & Young confirms this to be materially higher than the initial sale price, shown above. Considering early market activity levels, it’s expected that there will be a rapid progression in the value alignment of the shares. The company is currently in negotiations with a major player in the worlds Commodity market with a view to participating in a substantial project in this sector. Upon a successful conclusion, this will provide a substantive ongoing revenue streaming program that will last for five years. This will naturally flow through to the respective operational subsidiary helping establish and accelerate the group companies value. Richard Murray (Chairman) commented: “A very pleasing and immediate response to our statement of 14th July, which confirms significant interest and demand in this diversified asset class. Further investments into the hard asset arena and successful inclusion of material revenue streaming opportunities, can only seek to help advance this successful incursion into the sector, an opportunity which will be pursued vigorously.”
13th July 2022
The Board of Directors are pleased to announce that electronic enablement is taking place of the BPMT Ltd Holding of 106,700,000 common shares, held within the assets on our balance sheet. We can further confirm that the respective criteria for dematerialisation has been met and we have successfully obtained an LEI, ISIN and SEDOL number, the details of which are shown below. Following the completion of that process and the resulting custodial depository procedures being completed, and highlighted within the Ernst and Young evaluation report, this confirms an equivalent net asset value per share on the overall portfolio of 144p. That results in an additional £153,648,000 being added to our current balance sheet. We intend to publish a full marketing package on the company to enable investor participation in this investment via all the numerous platforms that are at our disposal. Chairman Richard Murray comments: ‘We are delighted in the progression of our Overall business model and, in particular, utilising our program to bring a significant change in our balance sheet which will lead to further expansion over the next quarter.’ LEI number: 21380098YIP8NSC3N255 ISIN number: GB00BMWP4V52 SEDOL number: BMWP4V5
21st April 2022
We are delighted to announce that following the execution of a corporate progression agreement with the company,  our share stake in the company has been increased by 59,200,000 shares with immediate effect. This brings the total number of shares in the company to 106,700,000 substantively increasing our net asset value holding in the company accordingly. Further steps and widening developments between our companies will bring forward the schedule for dematerialisation and portalisation of the security and we look forward to a long working relationship with the group.
9th January 2022
We are pleased to announce the completion of the BPMT Ltd / BPMT Growth Strategy Ltd transaction following contractual terms being met on both sides, in full. The resulting exchange leaves BPMT Ltd with a fully consolidated 960,000,000 shares outstanding and a net, net asset value of 144p per share allowing for assets and capital inclusion together and a consequence market cap of £1,383,000,000. We are now moving to finalise all compliance and registration requirements for full crest enablement and multilateral capability for Bloomberg TOMS portal quotation. Further steps in the Company’s growth plans are being worked on by both groups going forward, concurrently with this process.
28th December 2021
We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached on the contracted purchase of Gemstone assets from BPMT Growth Strategy Ltd. It has been established that an exchange of 712,500,000 shares take place for the assets listed as under, with the provision of an S.K.R to conclude the transaction.
Category 1 0-100 Carats
12,410 vs $558,448,000
Category 2 100-200 Carats
29,310 vs $1,318,950,000
Total $1,887,418,000
This consolidates the full share capital at 960,000,000 shares which will be processed into multilateral format for Crest / Euroclear enablement. Thereafter, transactional capability will be effected by a dedicated trading page on a Bloomberg portal TOMS system to facilitate securities globally for investors.
16th December 2021
We are pleased to announce the sale and completion of the branding and domain rights of BPMT to the company for the consideration of an additional 37,500,000 shares of same, bringing our holding in total to 47,500,000. We are also working actively with BPMT on their global growth strategy to qualify their large gemstone asset pool for an accepted, recognised securitisation mechanism. Further updates will be issued as appropriate. SBS Group for its construction expertise has been allocated 10 million shares, within the above shareholder structure, being a reflection of the first unit category in the portfolio to encapsulate its interest. Further unitisation work has begun on individual additional categories within the overall asset ownership program.