I am delighted to update the market with the enormous progress we believe we have made with the group and its subsidiary companies over the last year. We now stand in an unprecedented and prime position for the development and integration of a unique system that allows private businesses to comply and qualify themselves for access to worldwide capital markets through our dedicated portalised system.

Having successfully completed all the requirements to enable our own company’s stock (SBS Group Ltd) to transact not only through JP Jenkins, but also on the worldwide Bloomberg TOMS system, used by millions of investors worldwide, we have established a bespoke mechanism for the potential conversion of all companies and businesses from small to upper mid cap sized to dematerialise themselves and become multi-lateral electronic Crest enabled securities.

Next week, we plan to open our new automated system, through our SBS Technology Ltd subsidiary, which will redefine the capability and the access procedures for growing companies and businesses everywhere. This will be in relation to investments for private companies which will transact for value on their own merit, and less susceptible to external market volatility caused by the difficult worldwide conditions we are all currently facing.

As the first company of its kind to be enabled this way, we lead this market by our example and are truly proud to provide such a fundamental change in the capital-raising capability for our country and the financial markets of the world.

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