Further Updates

17th January 2022

We remain entirely confident that our lead on the market and our strong client base and its diversity, will produce outstanding results for our company and its shareholders.

9th January 2022

Further steps in the Company’s growth plans are being worked on by both groups going forward, concurrently with this process.

26th February 2022

Work is progressing expeditiously on the overall order flow and further updates as each target date is achieved.

16th December 2021

SBS Group for its construction expertise has been allocated 10 million shares, within the above shareholder structure, being a reflection of the first unit category in the portfolio to encapsulate its interest. Further unitisation work has begun on individual additional categories within the overall asset ownership program.

Original Update

SBS Group for its construction expertise has been allocated 10 million shares, within the above shareholder structure, being a reflection of the first unit category in the portfolio to encapsulate its interest. Further unitisation work has begun on individual additional categories within the overall asset ownership program.

On 22 September 2021 Jurg Marcel Walker and Terence Philip Ramsden joined the board. Performance options were granted to the three Directors at a price of £1 per share. The criteria for the options to vest is that the total market capital of the company exceeds £250,000,000. The options are valid to 31st December 2026. The amounts are 700,000 to both Jurg Walker and Richard Murray and 4,200,000 to E.T Phone Home Ltd.

We are pleased to update that a growth of our security unitisation program with the following interim details, fixed income property backed instruments.

This first primary product will derive itself from the main SBS collateral finance business. Its composition will be that of deeply discounted loan to value (LTV) as set against the gross development value (GDV), of singular or multiple projects within their own SPVs or under the umbrella of SBS commercial Finance Ltd. It has the capability of unitisation making it entirely flexible to be divided or sub divided into any number of similar or cohesive instruments for related or complimentary projects.

With the current market constraints caused by the building supply chain issues, a large number of working projects, which have been previously bridged, are in a current state of disarray and other financial difficulties. This composition allows us the opportunity to introduce midterm cheap funding from within the LCP financial 4% 2027 Bond. We have completed the purchase of the issuing company and its current portal arrangements and are dovetailing them into a much wider and more flexible multi portal platform system, enabling transactability of wide ranges of both bond and quasi-fixed income instruments hitherto unseen in financial markets.

The derived units from these products will remain within a 50% LTV covering criteria fitted into a one to three year life span to be comfortably within the full term of the bond. Alternatively there remit is to be overcovered in such a relative percentage equation as to ultimately fulfil rating compliance, requires to transform the product into an Investment Grade qualified instrument therefore opening out the bond to a multitude of Investor participants.

This issue and qualified securities are currently traded on the Vienna Stock Market (a qualified EU Exchange) and a Bloomberg portal system, inherited within the purchase of the LCP Financial company.

With the creation of Equity participation and other optional instruments, the SBS Portal Ltd subsidiary carries the benefit of a seamless structure for private companies to access capital markets via the Bloomberg portal trading systems. This will also dovetail perfectly into the current J P Jenkins platform and  an innumerate number of other potential market servicing links and platforms.

The composition of the type of units to be transacted is a carefully selected, well balanced makeup of strongly capitalized companies with high revenue currently and exponential growth possible from their participation in the system.

The variables of this category have the bespoke capability and capacity by design for them to qualify for significant differing client participation by qualifying investor groups and their detailed order book or order flow accordingly.

Each company flags its market capitalisation at outset and the enormous advantages of the composition and dematerialisation, which result in significant higher market capitalisations and capital strengths, are shared between the participants and SBS Group and its operational subsidiary are entitled in each case, to receive a 10% uplifting participation in each respective company in each and every case.

The order book for this product has exponential growth potential and first participants begin with A.M.T Group and will numerically exceed most junior exchanges, currently operating. All users are to be bound within these terms without exception.

The Company

The Company also announced that a final share purchase agreement has been reached and effected  between the company and Lombard Capital PLC for the purchase of LCP holdings limited .

We are book building a number of varying assets in size and composition to fit within the LCP Financial Ltd 4% 5-year bond, for full marketability to Institutions and Accredited Investors both affiliated to and held within our group. External participants are guided to the product by linking in through Bloomberg access which has an infinite number of users worldwide.

This enables SBS Portal Ltd to grow its product line exponentially in the multilateral fixed income and structural products market and correspondingly, the equity market for the common use of each participating sub issuer.

It is envisaged there will be up to a dozen projects covered within each batch or section of the growth curve of our developing system, which will cover a number of operational subsidiaries varying from property, sports, entertainment and financial divisions both individually and collectively, according to its bespoke and unique nature.

Holding in BPMT

Now the execution of a corporate progression agreement with the company has been completed, our shake stake in the company has been increased by 59,200,000 shares with immediate effect. This brings the total number of shares in the company to 106,700,000 substantively increasing our net asset value holding in the company accordingly. This is set against the background of a disclosed value currently of £1.44p per share, with further revisions that likely have a profound change on our capital strength as we work closer with the overall Group going forward, in the Global development of its unitisation program.

Further steps and widening developments between our subsidiary companies will bring forward the schedule for dematerialisation and portalisation of the security and we look forward to a long working relationship with the group.


This is a highly progressive vehicle and commercial company which is participating in a significant funding increase in its business plan, initially through its vehicle rental and leasing subsidiary. This planned funding will operate within the LCP financial Ltd 4% 2027 existing as qualified security bonds, listed and traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange and on the Bloomberg platform.

A composite arrangement of secured debt free vehicles, combined with a progressive and added fleet from within its own portfolio, together with planned purchased fleets or varying vehicles, will provide the security under the bond conditions.

Significant revenue streaming and increasing capability for the growth of the business in this highly profitable sector, will be provided by a series of placings through both High Net Worth groups and Institutional funders alike.

With an initial allocation of up to  £20,000,000 on terms that have been agreed, this will establish a clear platform for the group to enter the next phase of its development as a major countrywide force in the fast growing sector.

We have made clear to the group, a combination of equity growth and bond funding as well as specialist instruments dedicated solely to their needs, is available to them with immediate effect and they are the opening Company for equity transactability on the new Portal arrangement following LCP Financial Ltd purchase completion.

Due diligence and compliance requirements within the overall strategy have being progressed with all the practical speed. A further update will be available as soon as the target steps are achieved and will be completed within the second quarter, upgrading our program substantively.

Work is progressing expeditiously on the overall order flow and a high growth market is envisaged for their newly restructured Group and its operational capacity following the Innovative changes brought to their Companies.

They fit within the above premium market valuation participation arrangements and will demonstrate the benefits of recalibration of small market capital companies into a dedicated and more efficient and better enabled marketplace for the private sector needs.

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