Following a positive year of development, the Board of SBS Group are pleased to update the market with our position as of the end of the year, 31st December 2022. To further the company’s interests, SBS Group developed a dedicated technology arm, SBS Technology Ltd, headed by Lee Clarke and supported by a progressive team of developers.

Over the past 24 months, we have witnessed the small cap equity markets under significant pressure. Some of the contributing factors include but are not limited to the high barrier to entry, increased regulatory scrutiny from the FCA and chosen exchange, demanding significant due diligence, increasing times and costs for listing.

For these reasons, we believe there is a sizable market opportunity for the growth and expansion of the junior capital markets by offering an alternative approach to private companies seeking capital growth. SBS Technology developed the Electronic Asset Enablement (EAE) Platform in 2022, enabling private limited companies to be electronically compatible via CREST, providing with the capability to list on an exchange along with Bloomberg TOMS. This approach avoids the above mentioned high costs and timelines, while providing an alternate and reliable pathway to fundraising and liquidity.

Further to the announcement December 19th, 2022, SBS Technology has a pending listing with the Wiener Börse exchange that will subsequently be extended to Bloomberg.

We are pleased to confirm that the first development company, AMT Global Investments Limited, closed for the year at £1.60, contributing approximately £8M to our participation arrangements. We anticipate robust growth for this company as the year progresses.

In the first half of 2023, we will evolve our platform to facilitate a wider range of electronic CREST and multilateral capabilities for the trading and delivery of private company shares through the CREST system. By consolidating the full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), the platform will also offer real-time security and commodity trading.

The development by SBS Technology will be protected by Federal Patent 8,165,952. We believe this provides SBS with a powerful and unique market alternative to the existing mechanisms available in the trading environment. We seek to provide solutions for the elimination of ‘Daylight Risk’, one of the primary issues seen in the global, volatile trading markets.

We will update the market at the next strategic phase, as developments unfold.

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