At the end of the first full week of systems integration, the Board of Directors are delighted to announce a growing number of companies for registration and application in our unique three-step process to capital market enablement.

“The Board would like to thank every team member for their extraordinary efforts in the construction and maintenance of such a robust platform in an extremely short intensive timeframe.”  (Richard Murray, Group Chairman)

“The company has had a very active first week.  Ten new companies, ranging between £5-50 million GBP in L.V. (Launch Value), have started the process of registration and enablement.  The system has proven to be enormously capable, intuitively adapting to the different needs of companies spanning education, property development, sports, entertainment, travel, and aviation.  We are presently in talks with several more companies who fully intend to register.  These companies further widen the range of businesses we can support, along with expanding our reach into gaming, medical, technology, primary investment, property contract management, and hospitality.

Our clients admire the simplicity of registration and the low costs.  Due to our unique innovation, we are about 10% of the price of our closest competitor.”  (Lee Clarke, SBS Technology Ltd)

The revenue generated from the first ten companies will be in the region of £1.6 million GBP.  Due to the highly innovative profit sharing program above L.V., each company is expected to contribute multiple millions of profit that will be received in additional shares and cash.  Given the open extension of each arrangement, led by AMT Group, for whom we thank for their ground-breaking approach, we expect to receive recurring revenues from these companies.  As they grow, we grow.

To reaffirm our belief and confidence in our own system, we will be registering SBS Technology Ltd itself on the E.A.E. platform.  This should be available for investor participation in November.

Currently SBS Group are offering a limited number of shares in its parent company, SBS Group Ltd, with a view to continue to increase the strength of its capital base without incurring any debt or mezzanine finance.

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