The Board of Directors are pleased to provide an update on the progress made as we continue to refine the EAE platform to adapt to the needs of the growing variations of incoming companies with the individual needs of each specific sector.

Using this information, we have produced a comprehensive and dynamic business model that reflects the contributions secured from each sector, which start with services provided by our registration and enablement process built within the platform. This is further supplemented once a company is visible on Bloomberg, with an additional revenue stream calculated from a graded launch value (LV), applicable to each individual company or specific sector.  We believe this approach makes our offering the most compelling and competitive option in the market today, regardless of a company’s overall size or value.

“This dedicated programme has been managed effectively between SBS Technology and its majority shareholder, SBS Group.  The Board recognises the complexities involved, which are being managed by our growing IT team, and we are pleased that we are comfortably keeping pace with the demands on the system. (Richard Murray, Group Chairman)

We have fully reviewed the requirements for capital costs at Group level for the next year, and the status of the funding requirements as per our Information Memorandum.  Due to the strength and diversity of earnings, and the speed which they are being crystalised, the Board anticipate completing the fundraise commitments for SBS Group during November 2022. This will place the Group in a strong capital position for the initial growth period of SBS Technology, notwithstanding the sharing arrangement between the two companies and the growing portfolio of corporate clients.

“The Board at SBS Technology Ltd will remain open to a capital raise of our own so that we may take full advantage of market opportunities that will be accretive to our business model.  Our information memorandum will be available for investor participation within the next two weeks.” (Lee Clarke, SBS Technology Ltd)

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