The Board of Directors are pleased to confirm that following the completion of the technical work on Step 1 of the new E.A.E (Electronic Asset Enablement) System created by SBS Technology Ltd that we are moving to Step 2 from today. A number of initial applications are being processed from a wide variety of sectors which include Aviation, Sports, Sports Branding, Education, Technology, Property, Construction and Investment Companies to demonstrate and verify the flexibility and capability of the overall system.

 Chairman Richard Murray Says:

 “We are delighted with the progress from Step 1 which is led by the successful completion of AMT Global Investments Ltd passing through the portal model and being transactable now on the Bloomberg TOMS System. Our Step 2 systems upgrade is enabling all companies that have registered on the portal, following their application, to proceed subject to meeting the necessary criteria through the protocols required to the same transactable position. We look forward to strong revenue growth and high profit participation on the premiums being achieved from the L.V. (Launch Valuation) terms set at portal entry point. We note that AMT is currently trading at over 25% uplift from its initial L.V. of 80p per share which continues to demonstrate the real strength of our system in that valuations of companies which transact on their merits within this system are without exposure to the wild and volatile conditions that capital markets continue to struggle with currently.

Our profit-sharing model of a 10% participation above each respective L.V. with each participant company from inception spreads over the many sectors and we expect growth in applications which will give us a very significant forward revenue stream increasing quarter by quarter. We look forward to a successful expansion of what we believe is a remarkable market development in this difficult economic climate.

Our substantial holding in BPMT Ltd has significantly increased recently in Sterling value due to the continuing strength of the U.S. Dollar.

We look forward to the future with confidence.”

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