The Board of Directors are pleased to announce today the completion of the E.A.E Beta testing phase required under our systems protocols which now enables multiple live applications from a wide range of companies seeking to access capital markets.

From Monday the 10th October, the companies that have already recorded interest along with new applicants may utilise the live functionality of the platform to complete a simple 3 step process resulting in open market Bloomberg TOMS listing in the final step. 

Richard Murray Chairman says:

“Our growing team at SBS Technology Ltd have done an outstanding job, completing the first phase of our multi-layered, scalable and secure technology platform that is truly ground breaking. 

We look forward with confidence in providing a remarkable and flexible access point to capital markets for private companies right across the spectrum regardless of size and sector.” 

Lee Clarke Executive Director of SBS Technology says:

“Taking a complex subject matter and overlaying it with a secure, simple to follow, automated platform negates the need for Clients to educate themselves on the intricacies of the financial landscape in which we work. We are excited to launch our foundation services in which we intend to build upon in the coming months ahead.”

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