We are pleased to update the growth of our security unitisation program with the following interim details;

Fixed Income Property-Backed Instruments

This product will derive itself from the main SBS Collateral Finance business. Its composition will be that of deeply discounted loan to value (LTV) as set against the gross development value (GDV), of singular or multiple projects within their own SPVs or under the umbrella of SBS Commercial Finance Ltd.

With the current market constraints caused by the building supply chain issues a large number of individual projects which have been previously bridged, are in a current state of disarray and other financial difficulties.

This composition allows us the opportunity to introduce midterm cheap funding from within the LCP Financial 4% 2027 Bond. We are planning to complete the purchase of the issuing company and its current portal arrangements at the end of the first quarter.

The derived units from these products will remain within a 50% LTV covering criteria fitted into a one-to-three-year life span to be comfortably within the full term of the bond.

This issue and qualified security are currently traded on the Vienna Stock Market (a qualified EU Exchange) and the Bloomberg portal system.

Equity Participation and Other Optional Instruments

The SBS Portal Ltd subsidiary carries the benefit of a seamless structure for private companies to access capital markets via the Bloomberg portal trading system.

The composition of the type of units to be transacted is a carefully selected, well-balanced makeup of strongly capitalized companies with high revenue currently and exponential growth possible from their participation in the system.

The variables of this category have the bespoke capability and capacity by design, for them to qualify for significant differing client participation by qualifying investor groups and their detailed order book or order flow accordingly.

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