Alternative Designer Products

We are pleased to update the growth of our security unitisation program with the following interim details; Fixed Income Property-Backed Instruments This product will derive itself from the main SBS Collateral Finance business. Its composition will be that of deeply discounted loan to value (LTV) as set against the gross development value (GDV), of singular […]

Systems Working Update

We are pleased to begin scheduling our additional participants and our book of products and facilities that are uniquely provided to our widening and growing client base. We list the participants (both actual and proposed) hereunder and provide on our annexed page, a detailed synopsis of the work in progress for each company and transaction.  […]

Chairman’s Statement for August 2021 Financials

Further Updates 17th January 2022 We remain entirely confident that our lead on the market and our strong client base and its diversity, will produce outstanding results for our company and its shareholders. 9th January 2022 Further steps in the Company???s growth plans are being worked on by both groups going forward, concurrently with this […]