SBS Group / SBS Technology Update

SBS Group Following discussions between our Board of Directors and that of SBS Technology Ltd, in which we have a 76% controlling stake, it has been agreed that the very limited offering in SBS Technology shares will be revised to a £30 per share minimum initial price. The reasons for this are the growth and […]

E.A.E Portal – Business Development and Update

The Board of Directors are pleased to provide an update on the progress made as we continue to refine the EAE platform to adapt to the needs of the growing variations of incoming companies with the individual needs of each specific sector. Using this information, we have produced a comprehensive and dynamic business model that […]

E.A.E Portal – Business Development and Update

At the end of the first full week of systems integration, the Board of Directors are delighted to announce a growing number of companies for registration and application in our unique three-step process to capital market enablement. “The Board would like to thank every team member for their extraordinary efforts in the construction and maintenance […]

E.A.E Portal – Update

The Board of Directors are pleased to announce today the completion of the E.A.E Beta testing phase required under our systems protocols which now enables multiple live applications from a wide range of companies seeking to access capital markets. From Monday the 10th October, the companies that have already recorded interest along with new applicants […]

BPMT Ltd – Update

The Board of Directors can confirm that in relation to its Holding in BPMT Ltd the asset value previously disclosed has increased significantly with the benefit derived from the US Dollar strengthening against the British Pound. At the average rate of trading calculated over the last 30 days this increases the asset value of BPMT […]

E.A.E Portal – Next Steps

The Board of Directors are pleased to confirm that following the completion of the technical work on Step 1 of the new E.A.E (Electronic Asset Enablement) System created by SBS Technology Ltd that we are moving to Step 2 from today. A number of initial applications are being processed from a wide variety of sectors […]

E.A.E Portal – Launched

The board of Directors is delighted to confirm the live enactment, as of today of our new automated EAE Portal system, through our subsidiary, SBS Technology Ltd. As previously announced, this now redefines the capability and the access procedures for many groups of companies across the spectrum from early stage to mid-market cap inclusive. Chairman […]

Bloomberg TOMS

The board of directors is delighted to confirm SBS Group Ltd shares are now quoted on Bloomberg TOMS system via London and Oxford Group and in an open market quote daily.  This is the first substantial Private company to be enabled into the world-wide system for transactability. For quotes contact (+44(0)20 3746 5800 or )  Richard Murray […]

Trading Statement Update

TRADING STATEMENT UPDATE 28th July 2022 The Board of Directors is pleased to confirm the enhancement and following progressive transactions in our widening property finance division SBS COMMERCIAL FINANCE LTD.  We can confirm having received orders for the enablement and listing on the Portal Trading System companies that cover the building, scaffolding and property development […]