SBS is a leader in financial innovation

The company is engaging between many private companies in a variety of sectors seeking to make their securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale in order to cover fundraising capabilities.
We have significant experience with high yield, investment grade and convertible notes offerings, including financing for leverage acquisitions.SBS Group has since been introduced to numerous companies and intends to sign them up through this mechanism which will be linked to Bloomberg via a central custodian which will allow both a platform and avenue for their stock to be executed.

The electronic platform is rapidly growing and is capable of operating worldwide and therefore we are not restricted to the UK for our customer base.
We seek to engage through a specialist company to enable Crest and Euroclear functionality and the portal access via Bloomberg, the global giant, covered under a dedicated arrangement specifically for this purpose.

SBS Groups global insight is invaluable. It helps to manage complex cross border transactions and aids compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Our History

SBS Group LTD was incorporated in 1996. It listed on AIM until 2007 and since then has been operating as an investment company holding some land in the midlands. In January 2021 it disposed of the land, and in March 2021, it contracted with a dedicated specialist processor that allows companies the opportunity to make their securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale in order to cover fundraising capabilities.

Meet the Leadership

Richard Murray

Richard Alan Murray is the Company’s Director and has substantial expertise in the management and building of businesses, from junior cap to companies of significance. His experience and skill set is wide ranging and includes advisory and board roles with a number of listed companies.

He founded Avesco Plc, the specialist service provider to the entertainment and sports industry in 1984, and was chairman/owner of it for over 30 years. A subsidiary of Avesco, which grew into a major-screen display company, was hired for the London, Beijing and Rio Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies. The company grew to 700 employees worldwide and in late 2016, was sold to NEP.

Richard was chairman and major shareholder for almost 20 years of Charlton Athletic since the 1990’s and is credited with being one of the key people in helping the club move back to The Valley in December 1992.

Jurg Walker

Jurg joined the board of Directors on the 20th of September 2021. He is a European portfolio manager and investor from Switzerland.

Jurg has various senior management experience within the bank sector including 20 years as proprietor and director of Asset Management companies, Senior Vice President of Swiss bank, and 15 years as non-executive director in several Gold Mining companies, trading on the Australian stock market.

He will be invaluable to the business by bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in investment management and trading of stocks and bonds.

Jurg has joined SBS Group in order to provide financial advice. He is a strong advocate of absolute return strategies that deliver.

Terry Ramsden

Terry also joined the board of Directors on 20th September 2021. He has been an entrepreneur for 50 years, with unparalleled securities experience specifically in the area of creation and recreation of securities, patents, and electronic processing for global transact-ability and securitization mechanisms over a wide range of jurisdictions.

Terry, from Enfield, will bring a wealth of knowledge to the company and has already introduced a variety of clients and products reaching across many spectrums emanating from its growth and the private sector.

These include bonds, equities, blended security, and debt restructure products and cover the needs of a large number of private companies and sectors including technology, property, gaming, and sporting branded products.