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The company is engaging between many private companies in a variety of sectors seeking to make their securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale in order to cover fundraising capabilities. 

We have significant experience with high yield, investment grade and convertible notes offerings, including financing for leverage acquisitions.

SBS Group has since been introduced to numerous companies and intends to sign them up through this mechanism which will be linked to Bloomberg via a central custodian which will allow both a platform and avenue for their stock to be executed.

Richard Murray


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Electronic Asset Enablement

fast tracking your route to the global financial markets.
Raise Capital

We fill the void in the capital market by providing an alternative to raising money via Banks or venture capitalists.

Global Access

With strategic relationships with the likes of Bloomberg and JP Jenkins, private companies can now compete for capital on a global stage.

Vetted Companies

Only qualified companies make it through our registration process. We’re not an open marketplace where anyone can just click and raise.

50 Clients
200M Raised
45 Years in the business
Over £2 Billion Electronically Enabled

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